NEW --- Our Speedy is r.Top Dog IX.FCI 2017 and World Winner 2017 --- NEW --- Our Baloo is European Junior Winner 2018 --- NEW --- Our Melody is European Winner 2019 --- NEW Our Magic is World Winner 2021 --- NEW


24.11.2019   Best weekend in Montenegro at two CACIB shows!

14.11.2019   Melody and Panda have puppies!

28.10.2019   Available are two puppies - boy Foxtror and girl Edith

Foxtrot Perla MahagonEdith Perla Mahagon

Both linie WW r.EW Brill Padme Celembation Splendor and EJW Baloo Perla Mahagon!

16.10.2019   R.I.P. Belos Perla Mahagon

1.10.2019   Best weekend in Greece at two CACIB and extra CAC Shows!

Baloo and Melody are new CHAMPIONS OF GREECE!

1.10.2019   Result of CACIB Tulln added. Speedy is new AUSTRIAN CHAMPION!

16.9.2019   Best success our tibbie-boys at Show Martineves - Baloo r.BIG and Speedy BIS Honour!

29.8.2019   And we have next new puppies 

26.8.2019   Results of CACIB Leipzig Sieger and CACIB German Winner added.
Speedy is new German VDH Champion, Ximicca is new German VDH Veteran Champion and Baloo is German Winner 2019!

18.8.2019   We have new puppies 

18.8.2019   Results of DuoCACIB Bratislava added. Speedy is new SK SUPER GRAND CHAMPION!
18.7.2019   Results of CAC Mlada Boleslav added.
15.6.2019   Excellent results of EURO DOG SHOW Wels! Melody is new European Winner and Speedy is vice European Winner!

Happy Melody Pearl of the Moon  -  European Winner 2019
2.6.2019   New photos our puppies added.

25.5.2019   Results of CACIB Leszno added.

21.5.2019   New photos our puppies added.

20.5.2019   Results of our tibbies at CAC + 2xCACIB Timisoara and CACIB Litomerice added.

Baloo Perla Mahagon and Happy Melody Pearl of the Moon are new ROMANIAN CHAMPIONS!
9.5.2019   Best results of our tibbies at Club Show!
6 our tibbies - 6 Exc1, 2 Club Winner, Club Junior Winner, Club Veteran Winner, Junior BOB, Veteran BOB, BOB, BOS and 3rd BIS Honour!

foto: BOB, BOS, Vetran BOB and Junior BOB
30.4.2019   Baloo, Happy Melody and Frozen Rainbow are new CLUB CHAMPIONS!

25.4.2019   New result of CACIB Praha added.
14.4.2019   We have new puppies!

14.4.2019   New result of CACIB Chemnitz added.
21.2.2019   We have new puppies!

28.1.2019   New result of show - DuoCACIB Lviv - UA here added. Baloo and Melody ara new UKRAINIAN JUNIOR CHAMPIONS!

25.1.2019   TOP TIBBIES 2018
WW Brill Padme Celebration Splendor "SPEEDY" - 1st stud dog & 2nd male
EJW Baloo Perla Mahagon "BALOO" - 3rd male
CH Waikiki Perla Mahagon "KIKI" - 1st female
JCH Happy Melody Pearl of the Moon "MEDY" - 2nd female
CH Frozen Rainbow Pearl of the Moon - 5th female
CIB Ximicca Pearla Mahagon "MIKKY" -1st breeding female
Xanadu Perla Mahagon "MISCHA" - 2nd breeding female
CIB Fantasia Perla Mahagon "FATY" - 3rd breeding Female
CIB Kassiopea Perla Mahagon "KEYSI" - 5th breeding female

Best kennel 2018  -  PERLA MAHAGON      ---     2nd best kennel 2018  -  PEARL OF THE MOON

20.1.2019   In February we expect puppies to be born!



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