NEW --- Galaxy Perla mahagon is "TOP TIBETAK 2013" and Fantasia Perla mahagon is "PES ROKA KTP-SK 2013" --- NEW


14.12.2017   New result of DuoCACIB Nitra added. Fantasia is new SLOVAKIA SHOW CHAMPION!

23.11.2017   New photos of our puppies added.

21.11.2017   New result of 3 x CACIB Plovdiv added, Speedy and Kiki are new Bulgarian Grand Champion and Balkan Champion!

10.11.2017   New result of WORL DOG SHOW Leipzig added.

Our Speedy is WORLD WINNER 2017!

6.11.2017   New photos of our puppies added.

5.11.2017   New result of DuoCACIB Praha added.

16.10.2017   Results of special shows added - Speedy is BIS male.

12.10.2017   Our new puppies...

12.10.2017   New results of shows added.

25.9.2017   Yesterday was a big day. New resutl of CAC Brno , and new pippies of our Xanadu!

19.9.2017   New result of DuoCACIB Nitra added.

20.8.2017   For sale is little girl Acara!

14.8.2017   New result of CACIB Mlada Boleslav added, Speedy is new INTERCHAMPION F.C.I.!

22.7.2017   New result of CAC Mlada Boleslav added, Speedy is National Winner, BOB and 4th BIG

2.7.2017   New result of CAC Klatovy added, Speedy is National Winner, BOB and 3rd BIG, Keysi is Veteran BOB, BOS and is new Czech Veteran Champion and Club Veteran Champion!

26.6.2017   New result of INTERCANIS BRNO 2017 added

6.6.2017    We have puppies for sale!

6.6.2017    New results of 3 x CACIB DOG EXPO NITRA 2017 added

Waikiki is 3 x Best of Breed and new Junior Champion, Kassiopea is new Veteran Champion and Speedy is new Grand Champion!

30.5.2017    New results of several Shows added.
Speedy is BIG and BOD - CACIB Litomerice!!!

We have new Champions:

Speedy is Czech Grand Champion, Ukrainian Champion, Ukrainian Grand Champion, Polish Champion, Champion BiH and Champion Federation BiH
Waikiki is Czech Junior Champion, Junior Champion BiH and Junior Champion Federation BiH
Orin is Czech Veteran Champion, Slovak Veteran Champion and Club Veteran Champion
Kassiopea is Veteran Champion BiH and Veteran Champion Federation BiH
Baby is Polish Champion

16.5.2017    Our puppies have new photos - litter Z and litter A.

27.4.2017    New pictures of our puppies added.

14.4.2017    We have new puppies!

10.4.2017    New results of DuoCACIB Bratislava added

4.3.2017    New result of CACIB Drzonkow added - Speedy! is new POLISH CHAMPION and Baby is new POLISH CHAMPION and fulfilled all terms for the titule INTERCHAMPION!

23.2.2017    New results of Victory Wionner and CAC Bratislava added - Speedy is new SLOVAK CHAMPION!

13.2.2017    New results of DuoCAC and DuoCACIB Napoca added. Speedy are Fantasia are new Romanian Grand Champions!

6.2.2017    New results of CACIB Brno added.

29.1.2017    New photos of our puppies - pictures of Thalia´s puppies and pictures of Ximicca´s puppies.

8.1.2017    New results of CAC Brno added, Speedy is new CZECH CHAMPION andd CMKU CHAMPION, Baby is new CZECH CHAMPION!.


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