NEW --- Galaxy Perla mahagon is "TOP TIBETAK 2013" and Fantasia Perla mahagon is "PES ROKA KTP-SK 2013" --- NEW


20.12.2015    New photos of our puppies added

4.12.2015    We have new puppies!

6.11.2015    R.I.P. Allister...

28.10.2015    New photos of puppies added

26.10.2015    Result from DANUBEdouCACIB Bratislava added - Belos is new Slovakia Veteran Champion!!!

12.10.2015    New photos of puppies added

4.10.2015    Result from Special tibetan spaniel show added - Speedy and Belos are BIS Puppy and BIS Veteran!!!


20.9.2015    New photos of puppies added

9.9.2015    We have new puppies - two boys and two girls from connection Belos & Explose!

1.9.2015    Results from CACIB Uzhgorod and CACIB Mlada Boleslav added

24.7.2015    Puppies are 6 weeks old - added new photos

20.7.2015    Result from CAC Mlada Boleslav added

4.7.2015    Speedy - today 4 months old!

4.7.2015    Puppies are 6 weeks old - added new photos

14.6.2015    Result from WDS Milano added;
Cute Baby Pearl of the Moon - Exc4 (Junior class)
Brill Padme Birthday Cake (daughter of Perfect Lady Perla Mahagon) - Exc1, JWW
Mow-Zow Voice Of Finland (father of my Speedy) - Exc1, WW and BOB!!!

4.6.2015    Our puppies are two weeks old, new pictures added.

31.5.2015    Result from CACIB Leszno added, Fantasia is new POLISH CHAMPION!

24.5.2015    Result from CACIB Litomerice added, Fantasia is new CZECH GRAND CHAMPION, Belos is new CZECH VETERAN CHAMPION and little Baby is Junior BOB and BOS!

22.5.2015    Welcome home, Speedy!

our new boy - Brill Padme Celebration Slendor

21.5.2015    Today born a puppies four connection Orin and Xanadu!

12.5.2015    Result from CAC and CACIB Lucenec - added. Fantasia is new SLOVAK CHAMPION!

25.4.2015    In May we expect puppies from the connection Orin & Xanadu!

8.4.2015    New pictures of our puppies added.

17.3.2015    New pictures of our puppies added.

28.2.2015    New pictures of our puppies added.

23.2.2015    We have puppies!

8.2.2015    Result from DuoCACIB Brno - added

4.1.2015    Result from CAC Brno - added

1.1.2015    In February we expect puppies from the connection CIB Orin Perla Mahagon & CIB Kassiopea Perla Mahagon


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