News 2012

27.12.2012    For sale is beautiful tricolour boy JIM BEAM 3 months old!

23.12.2012    We have new Czech Champions!
.::  Explose is Czech Junior Champion and Polish Junior Champion, Nefertiti is Czech Veteran Champion, Belos is CMKU Champion and Ximicca is Polish Champion, Czech Grand Champion and CMKU Champion  ::.

15.12.2012    new pictures our tibbies from shows added

4.12.2012    Our puppies are two months old - new pictures added. Available are two beautyful boys - Jim Beam a Johnnie Walker!

More pictures here.

27.11.2012    New pictures of our puppies added

17.11.2012    Pictures of puppies added;

available are three beautiful boys - sable, partilour and tricolour!

16.11.2012    new pictures of our puppies added

14.11.2012    Updates of the page

7.11.2012    Result from DoubleCACIB Praha added,

Ximicca and Belos fulfilled all terms for the titles CMKU Champion!

2.11.2012    New pictures of our puppies added; I-litter and J-litter.

26.10.2012    New pictures of our puppies added; I-litter and J-litter!

24.10.2012    Nefertiti is new SLOVAK VETERAN CHAMPION!

20.10.2012    New pictures of our puppies added!

13.10.2012    New pictures of our puppies added!

12.10.2012    new pictures of our little princess Galaxy added

9.10.2012    New pictures of our puppies added!

9.10.2012    Great news - Xanto Perla Mahagon is res.European Winner 2012 - CONGRATULATIONS!!!

7.10.2012    Result from Special Show added,
our little Fantasia is BIS Puppy (first show)!

3.10.2012    We have new puppies!

Jack Daniel´s, Jim Beam, Johnnie Walker a Janneau Perla mahagon

1.10.2012    Result from CACIB Wroclaw - POLAND added,
Ximicca and Explose are new Champions!

28.9.2012    We have new puppies!

25.9.2012    Result from Special Show in Slovakia - Bartosova Lehotka added;


2.9.2012    Results from DuoDanube Bratislava added;

Mistic Perla mahagon fulfilled all terms for the title INTERCHAMPION F.C.I. (CIB) - Congratulations!!!

29.8.2012    Results from Dog Show Mlada Boleslav and Dog Show Debrecen added.

Perla Mahagon won 3rd place in the Best kennel!

30.7.2012    results from two Dog Show in Swiebodzice added

23.7.2012    Results from DOG FESTIVAL added;

16.7.2012    New show results added;

Norbu Pul-i-Khumri is Veteran BOB, BOB and BOD Veteran 3rd!

11.7.2012    new photos - Lamia Perla Mahagon (9 years old) and her mother Felicitas Perla Mahagon (11 years old)

9.7.2012    Ximicca is new SERBIAN CHAMPION!

2.7.2012    Ximicca and Norbu are new Champions...

Ximicca Perla Mahagon (this month two years old) is new SLOVAK GRAND CHAMPION and Norbu Pul-i-Khumri is new SLOVAK VETERAN CHAMPION!

1.7.2012    Results from CACIB Intercanis Brno and CAC Klatovy added;

Belys and Bailen Perla mahagon are new CZECH JUNIOR CHAMPIONS!

29.6.2012    New photos added:

Galaxy Perla Mahagon and Fantasia Perla Mahagon

and photos of Ximicca Perla Mahagon from Champion of Champions!

February 2012 Bratislava SK     °     February 2012 Leszno PL     °     April 2012 Zadar HR

28.6.2012    In Estonia the expected birth of puppies from a new connection!

12.6.2012    Result from 3 DogShows (Slovakia and Serbia) added.
Norbu is BIS Veteran!

Photos are here.

7.6.2012    Result from CACIB Subotica added;

Xanto Perla mahagon is new SERBIAN CHAMPION!

3.6.2012    Yaris Perla Mahagon is new CLUB CHAMPION!

2.6.2012    result from Club Show Lysa added

29.5.2012    Ximicca Perla Mahagon (22 months old) is today new CZECH CHAMPION

28.5.2012    Result from CACIB Nord Bohemia Canis Litomerice added.

22.5.2012    Kador Perla Mahagon is new INTERCHAMPIO F.C.I.!

14.5.2012    Ximicca Perla Mahagon took a successful part on the shows SpringDuoDabube Bratislava.

We are happy for the BOB title, witch Miky (Ximicca Perla Mahagon) got from a specialist from Japan, Mr. Hiroshi Kamasata. Miky follows her mother Nefertiti and older sister Kassiopea, who both got from the same judge the r.CAC title even on the World Dog Show!!!

7.5.2012    result from dog show added - 4*CACIB Zadar, CACIB Praha and CAC Banska Bystrica

22.4.2012    Result from CACIB Dresden added; Belos and Orin fulfilled all terms for the titles German chamnpions!

9.4.2012     New photos of puppies added

2.4.2012    Result from CACIB Ceske Budejovice added;

Tabea Perla mahagon is new CZECH CHAMPION!

25.3.2012     New photos of puppies - litter "F", "G", "H" and "Ch" added

25.2.2012    Result from Duo CACIB Nitra added;

Tabea Perla mahagon is new SLOVAK CHAMPION!

14.3.2012    New photos of our puppies added - litters "F", "G", "H" and "Ch".

More pictures here!

13.3.2012    Result from Club Show Dunajska Luzna added;

Norbu and Orin are new Champions!

4.3.2012    Result from Regional Dog Show Ceske Budejovice added; Effect Perla Mahagon on his first Dog Show got "Very Promissing 1" (Baby class)!

2.3.2012    New photos of our puppies added - litters "F", "G", "H" and "Ch" added.

27.2.2012    Result from CACIB Graz added; Mistic Perla Mahagon won title BOB, young Xanto Perla Mahagon r.CACA - CONGRATULATIONS!

27.2.2012    Ximicca is new SLOVAK CHAMPION and Orin is new INTERCHAMPION!!!

26.2.2012    Ximicca Perla Mahagon is Finalist Champion of Champions PL!

24.2.2012    New photos of our puppies added - litters "F", "G" a "H" added.

22.2.2012    We have new puppies - "Ch" litter!

19.2.2012    Result from Victory Show added;

Ximicca Perla Mahagon is new VICTORY WINNER and BEST OF JUNIOR QUEEN!

17.2.2012    Our puppies thrive beautifully and has opened all eyes!

New photos of puppies of litters "F", "G" a "H" added.

12.2.2012    Nefertiti and Xanadu have new puppies!

Photogallery of puppies here:
"G" litter - parents: Orin & Nefrtiti
"H" litter - parents: Allister & Xanadu

10.2.2012    new photos of our puppies (litter "F") added

6.2.2012    Result from DuoCACIB Brno added;

Urias (Uric Perla mahagon) is new CZECH CHAMPION!

30.1.2012    We have new puppies!

30.1.2012    result from CACIB Trencin added

16.1.2012    Result from DuoCACIB Ljubljana added; Ximicca Perla Mahagon is Slovenian Winner!

8.1.2012    Result from CAC Brno added; Yaris Perla Mahagon is new CZECH JUNIOR CHAMPION!

2.1.2012    Updated the page "Champions of Perla Mahagon". We already have 171 titles CHAMPION!
Thank you for the excellent presentation Tibbies from our kennel at shows!

1.1.2012    New photos of our Miky (Ximicca Perla mahagon) and Misha (Xanadu Perla mahagon) added...


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