News 2011

We have puppies!
For sale are boy Extrem.
More info here.

11.12.2011    New photos of our Miky (Ximicca Perla mahagon) and Misha (Xanadu Perla mahagon) added...

4.12.2011    new photos of our puppies added;
more pictures here

3.12.2011    Mistic Perla Mahagon is AUSTRIAN CHAMPION - Congratulation!
Result from CACIB Wels here.

27.11.2011    new photos of our puppies added

23.11.2011    Orin is SLOVAK GRAND CHAMPION

23.11.2011   result from Duo CACIB Debeljaca and from Duo CACIB Zagreb added

16.11.2011    new photos of our puppies added

14.11.2011   Somewhere over the rainbow is now our dear Deo - our smiling sun...

Deo, we will never forget about you!

7.11.2011    Result from CACIB Praha added;

Ximicca Perla Mahagon (15 months old) - CAC-CZ, CAC-CMKU and CACIB,
Belos Perla Mahagon - CAC-CZ, CAC-CMKU, CACIB, BOB and BIG 6th-7th,
and Nefertiti Perla Mahagon - Veteran BOB!

4.11.2011    new photos of our puppies added

2.11.2011   result from CAC-Derby Debeljaca added

20.10.2011    new photos of our puppies added

17.10.2011   Somewhere over the rainbow is now our dear Lentaaorava Chatanga "Orri" - our boy with a big heart...

Orri, we will never forget about you!

13.10.2011    We have new PUPPIES!

9.10.2011   result from International Dog Show Ceske Budejovice added

1.10.2011   Today Special Dog Show in Litomerice, our Tibbies have been successful! - Pictures here.

Ximicca Perla Mahagon (14 months old) is Junior BOB and BOB, Kassiopea Perla Mahagon is Winner of Special Show and Nefertiti Perla Mahago is Veteran BOB and r.BIS Veteran!

26.9.2011   result from International Dog Show Wroclaw added

5.9.2011   photos our tibbies from CACIB Mlada Boleslav and CACIB & CAC Leipzig added

30.8.2011   Fo sale we have two boys - Domino and Dragon Perla mahagon (two months old).

New pictures here.

29.8.2011   results from International Dog Shows Mlada Boleslav, Bratislava and Debrecen added

23.8.2011   result from International and National Dog Show Leipzig added,

Ximicca Perla mahagon is VDH-Leipzig Jugendsieger and Best Female, and fulfilled all terms for the titles GERMAN KTR JUNIOR CHAMPION, GERMAN VDH JUNIOR CHAMPION and CLUB CHAMPION (KCHTS)!

13.8.2011    new pictures of puppies added

13.8.2011    Result from Dog Show Kladno added

9.8.2011    Result from CAC Show Papa (HU) added;

Belos fulfilled all terms for the titles HUNGARIAN GRAND CHAMPION and HUNGARIAN SHOW CHAMPION!

4.8.2011    new pictures of puppies added;

for sale is beautiful girl CARMEN Perla Mahagon!

30.7.2011    Result from Dog Shows Velka Ida (SK), Oberwart (A), Szombathely (HU), Budapest (HU) and Szigetvár (HU) added;

Congratulations to the owners of Perfect Lady Perla Mahagon, of Xanto Perla Mahagon, of Mistic Perla Mahagon and of Maud Perla mahagon for success at Shows!

28.7.2011    new pictures of puppies - letter "C" added; more ictures here

26.7.2011    new pictures of puppies - litter "D" added

18.7.2011   result and photos from National Dog Show Mlada Boleslav added,

Uric Perla mahagon is National Winner, BOB and is the first Tibetan Spaniel with new title CMKU-CAC  -  Congratuletions!

14.7.2011    new pictures of puppies - litter "D" added

13.7.2011    new pictures of puppies - letter "C" added

12.7.2011   We have three new Champions,


4.7.2011   We have new puppies! Four boys - three sable and sable-red, one black and tan.

1.7.2011    result from Dog Shows "Intercanis Brno" added

30.6.2011    Orin Perla Mahagon is SERBIAN CHAMPION

28.6.2011    new pictures of puppies added

20.6.2011    result from Dog Shows Erfurt added

17.6.2011   Somewhere over the rainbow is now our dear Argosan - our mascot, honey and luck, our very first Tibby. He lasted out respectable age of 16 years, and lived his life actively, with a content and practically whole in a strong health.

Argo, we will never forget about you!

16.6.2011    new pictures of puppies added

10.6.2011   For sale is one beautiful puppy - boy BELYS!

Belys is 8 weeks old, is breeds and shows quality.

10.6.2011   we have new puppies - two boys and one girl are tri-colorations!!!

9.6.2011    result from Dog Shows Ada, Nitra, Senec, Klatovy and Szekesfehervar added

KADOR Perla Mahagon - Club Winner & Slovak Champion
TABEA Perla Mahagon - Club Champion
ODETTE Perla Mahagon - Slovak Champion
XANTO Perla Mahagon - Grand Prix Slovakia Junior Winner, Derby Winner & Hungarian Junior Champion
PERFECT LADY Perla Mahagon - Grand Prix Slovakia Winner & Slovak Grand Champion
BAUKIS Perla Mahagon - Club Winner
FAUNUS Perla Mahagon - National Winner & Club Champion
ORIN Perla Mahagon - Serbian Champion


28.5.2011   result from Club Dog Show Lysa nad Labem added;

Orin, Norbu and Ximicca fulfilled all terms for the new titles Champions!

26.5.2011    result from Dog Shows Litomerice, Praha, Bratislava and Budapest added

Ximicca Perla Mahagon (10 months old) - 2 x CAJC, 2 x Junior BOB and r. Junior BIS !!!

26.5.2011   new pictures of our new veteran Norbu added

25.5.2011    new pictures of puppies added

8.5.2011    new pictures of puppies added

2.5.2011    Result from National Dog Show Banska Bystrica - Slovakia and International Dog Show Zadar - Croatia.

Odette Perla Mahagon fulfilled all terms for the title SLOVAK CHAMPION,
Uric Perla Mahagon fulfilled all terms for the titles CROATIAN CHAMPION and CLUB CHAMPION!

25.4.2011    result from Dog Show Dresden and Dog Show Ceske Budejovice added

24.4.2011    new pictures of puppies added

22.4.2011    A very successful weekend had Perfect Lady Perla mahagon and Xanto Perla mahagon on the two Internationale Dog Shows in Satu Mare - Romania!

Perfect Lady (2 years old) is ROMANIAN CHAMPION and Xanto (9 months old) is ROMANIAN JUNIOR CHAMPION - VERY CONGRATULATIONS!!!

20.4.2011    She came to us a nice visit Kador Perla Mahagon and Tabea Perla Mahagonpictures here...

13.4.2011    We have new PUPPIES!

11.4.2011    result from Dog Show Ostrava added;
Grattius Perla Mahagon is National Winner and BOB!

9.4.2011    All puppies have new homes...

2.4.2011    new pictures of puppies added

23.3.2011    new pictures of puppies added

28.3.2011    Orin is SLOVAK CHAMPION

21.3.2011    Result from Special Jubille Dog Show Dunajska Luzna and National Dog Show Nitra added; Belos Perla Mahagon fulfilled all terms for the title SLOVAK GRAND CHAMPION and Orin Perla Mahagon fulfilled all terms for the title SLOVAK CHAMPION.

Orin is Winner of the Special Jubille Dog Show & BOB!

12.3.2011    new pictures of puppies added

8.3.2011    Belos Perla Mahagon is INTERCHAMPIO F.C.I. and he qualified for the F.C.I. - World Champion of Champions!

JCh.Uric Perla Mahagon had great success at three Dog Show in Zagreb - Croatia - CONGRATULATIONS!

4.3.2011    new pages of Xanadu Perla Mahagon and of Ximicca Perla Mahagon added

27.2.2011    Perfect Lady Perla Mahagon was again a great success - during the course of one weekend (19-20th February), two titles BOB, won the CACIB Presov/Kosice and also won „Hungarian Champion of Champions 1st“ - CONGRATULATIONS!

26th February Perfect Lady won the prize of  „2010 Derby Dog“ of her breed!


26.2.2011    new pictures of puppies added

20.2.2011    new pictures of puppies added

18.2.2011    At the annual competition of the MKSZ-TKOK Perfect Lady Perla Mahagon won the prize of „Winner of the year, The young female of 2010“.

12.2.2011    We have new PUPPIES!

9.2.2011    result from DuoCACIB Brno added

8.2.2011    Zoe is new homes.

4.2.2011    Zafir, Zirco and Zero One are new homes. For sale is girl ZOE!

24.1.2011    new pictures of puppies added

22.1.2011   To today´s CACIB show WINTERSHOW TRENCIN we went only with our Aussies(they made us very happy - Dirty fulfilled all the terms for the tittle of Sloval Champion and only a year-old Angel even got BOB). Tibbies from our kennel were represented greatly by Perfect Lady and Xanto (both living in Hungary), who both got beautiful reports!
Perfect Lady Perla Mahagonbeated not only a year older bitch in her class, but also a two years older and more experienced champion, and getting CAC and CACIB she fulfilled the last missing term for the title SLOVAK CHAMPION!

Zsuzsana, thank you very much for such a great presentation and send you big congratulations!!!
(Perfect Lady and Xanto also have their new web pages now)

Our big congratulations also to Dana Karlova, kennel Cerny baron, where Bonifac za Sovi zahrady (a son of Glaukippe Perla Mahagon) lives, for getting his titles CAC, CACIB and BOB!

20.1.2011    new pictures of puppies added

15.1.2011   Bélos is TOP TIBEÁK 2010 (Club competition)!

13.1.2011    new pictures of puppies added

10.1.2011   Our Orin is CZECH CHAMPION and Uric Perla Mahagon is CZECH JUNIOR CHAMPION!

Result from National Dog Show Olomouc added.

1.1.2011    new pictures of puppies added


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