News 2010


25.12.2010    new pictures of puppies added

18.12.2010    new pictures of puppies added

15.12.2010   new link to the site to Pascha Perla mahagon added

10.12.2010    new pictures of puppies added

6.12.2010   Perfect Lady, Xanto and Mistic have been successful at exhibitions in Hungary and Austria - results from Dog Show Budapest and Welsh added

3.12.2010   our puppies are a week old;

~    new photos added    ~

27.11.2010   first pictures of our puppies added

22.11.2010   Results from Duo CACIB Nitra added.

Belos is Best of Breed and Kassiopea is Slovak Grand Champion and fulfilled all terms for the title Interchampion FCI!

4.11.2010   Rangpo Modra pisnicka and Deo Perla Mahagon are GERMAN "VDH" VETERAN CHAMPION

4.11.2010    The new Perfect Lady Perla Mahagon of success on the show in Budepest, and great success of the youthful Xanto Perla Mahagon his first show - CONGRATULATIONS!
Added show results.

3.11.2010   Allister is DEUTSCHE "VDH" CHAMPION

24.10.2010    All our puppies are in new homes!

20.10.2010    new pictures of puppies Veron Perla mahagon and Yaris Perla mahagon added;

Veron is free - for sale!

18.10.2010     result and photos from Dog Show Ceske Budejvice and two Dog Shows Komarom added

6.10.2010   Perfect Lady Perla mahagon is another success at a dog show - CAC/BOB/BIG 3 - CONGRATULATIONS!!!

20.9.2010    new pictures of puppies W“, X and Y litter added

27.9.2010     result from Dog Shows Brno and Novi Sad added;

Fantastic success of Uric Perla Mahagon (10 months) - CAJC, Junior BOB, BOB and BIG V.!
Fantastic success of Perfect Lady Perla Mahagon (18 months) - CAC, CACIB, BOB and BIG III. (video here)! and fulfilled all terms for the title SERBIAN CHAMPION!


20.9.2010     result from Dog Show Kecskemet and Budapest added - another fantastic success of Perfect Lady Perla Mahagon - 3 x CAC and 3 x BOB in competition champion bitch from the Czech republic - CONGRATULATION!

19.9.2010     results from Dog Show Ruzindol and Mlada Boleslav added

14.9.2010    Kassiopea is CZECH GRAND CHAMPION

3.9.2010     result from Dog Show Debrecen added - fantastic success of this show was Perfect Lady Perla Mahagon, who won CAC and CACIB in competition with females from the Danish Sommerlyst´s kennel - CONGRATULATION!

31.8.2010    new pictures of puppiesV“, W“, X and Y litter added

30.8.2010     result and photos from Dog Show Interdog Bohemia - Mlada Boleslav added

25.8.2010    new pictures of puppiesVand X litter added

25.8.2010     result and from Dog Shows Leipzig, Bratilava and Karlovy Vary added

19.8.2010    new pictures of puppiesV“ litter added

17.8.2010    Antia was born one puppy - boy Yaris! First photos of the little Yaris here;
also new pictures of Wanessa added

11.8.2010    new pictures of puppiesV“, W“ and X litter added

9.8.2010     result from Dog Show Legnica added

4.8.2010   new pictures of Amor, Athena, Faunus, Grattius, Chrisaoris, Juturna, Kador, Kiara, Lot, Maron, Odette, Pascha, Perfect Lady, Quitin, Quickstep, Redy Rebel, Romance a Tabea added

4.8.2010    Allister is POLISH CHAMPION

3.8.2010    Perfect Lady again been very successful at Dog Show!
CACIB Irig - CAC, CACIB & BOB     -     CAC Budapest - CAC & BOB

Zsuzsanna and Lady - CONGRATULATIONS!!! and thank you 

2.8.2010    new pictures of puppiesV“ litter added

1.8.2010    new pictures of puppiesW“ and „X“ litters added

25.7.2010    new pictures of our puppies added

22.7.2010     result and photos from Dog Show Mlada Boleslav added

13.7.2010    new pictures of our puppies added

6.7.2010    Kassiopea is SLOVAK CHAMPION

29.6.2010    Belos is CZECH GRAND CHAMPION

23.6.2010    results from the Dog Shows Pecs, Varazdin and Brno added

8.6.2010    photos from the lastweekend of shows added

7.6.2010    results from the six new shows added

30.5.2010    results and photos from the Club Dog Show Lysa n/L added;

~   Belos Perla mahagon is BOB and CZECH GRAND CHAMPION   ~

28.5.2010    Nefertiti Perla mahagon is SLOVAK GRAND CHAMPION

28.5.2010    Results from two Dog Show Remata - Slovakia. Amor Perla mahagon and Odette Perla Mahagon are CLUB WINNER!

28.5.2010    Results from two Dog Show Komarom - Hungary. Perfect Lady Perla mahagon ist CLUB JUNIOR WINNER!

Zsuzsanna and Lady congratulations to the success of the both shows and and also the titles of SERBIAN JUNIOR CHAMPION and HUNGARIAN JUNIOR CHAMPION!

25.5.2010    result from CACIB - Nord Bohemia Canis added;

Kassiopea is Czech Champion      and      Orin is Club Champion

18.5.2010    results from SpringDuoDanube Bratislava - Cruft´s Qualification Dog Show and F.C.I. Central-East European Dog Show - added;

Belos is Slovak Champion      and      Orin is Slovak Junior Champion

4.5.2010     results and photos from Dog Shows Ceske Budejovice, Praha and Banska Bystrica added;
Belos Perla Mahagon fulfilled all terms for the title Interchampion F.C.I.

Perfect Lady Perla Mahagon had a fantastic weekend in Banska Bystrica Slovakia and fulfilled all terms for the title Slovak Junior Champion

27.4.2010    our boys have new Champions;

Belos is Czech Champion      and      Orin is Czech Junior Champion

27.4.2010     result and photos from Dog Show Ceske Budejovice added

26.4.2010    Perfect Lady Perla mahagon is HUNGARIAN JUNIOR CHAMPION  -  CONGRATULATIONS!!!

26.4.2010    Urania and Kassiopea are CLUB CHAMPIONS

Argosan, Rangpo and Deo are CLUB VETERAN CHAMPIONS.

"TOP TIBETAK 2009" - our success in the competition of Czech Breeders Tibetan Spaniel Club

19.4.2010    Perfect Lady again been very successful at Dog Show and fulfilled all terms for the title SERBIAN JUNIOR CHAMPION  -  CONGRATULATIONS!!!

11.4.2010     result and photos from Dog Shows Dresden, Wieselburg and Ostrava added

5.4.2010     result from Dog Show Mlada Boleslav added


29.3.2010    results from National Dog Show Nitra added


29.3.2010    Perfect Lady again been very successful at Dog Show!

Zsuzsanna and Lady - CONGRATULATIONS!!! and thank you 

27.3.2010    results from International Dog Show Graz added

21.3.2010    new pictures of Thetis and Unix added

30.1.2010    Sarka is 3rd in the Junior Handling competition for the full year 2009 and for presentation at the Champion of champions chose Keysi...

16.1.2010    New titles for our tibbies: Deo and Belos are POLISH CHAMPION; Kassiopea is POLISH JUNIOR CHAMPION!

1.1.2010    new pictures of puppies S, „T“ and „U“ litters added


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