We recommend you following web pages:


www.tibbies.net -    Tibetan Spaniel Network
-    Tibetan Spaniel Breeders Club- KCHTS
www.ktp-sk.sk -    Slovak Club Tibetan breeds
www.cmku.cz -    CMKU (The Cynologic Union of Czech Republic - member of FCI)
www.fci.be -    Federation Cynologique Internationale - FCI
www.eukanuba.cz -    Eukanuba Breeders Club
www.intercanis.cz -    Intercanis Brno + National Dog Show Brno + Int.Dog Shows C.Budejovice
www.vystavapsu.cz -    International Dog Shows Prag
www.nordbohemiacanis.cz -    Nord Bohemia Canis - International Dog Show Litomerice
www.interdogbohemia.com -    Interdog Bohemia - Int.Dog Show + Nat.Dog Show Mlada Boleslav
www.vystavaklatovy.info -    National Dog Show Klatovy
www.volny.cz/nvpostrava -    National Dog Show Ostrava
www.vystavaolomouc.info -    National Dog Show Olomouc
www.marinalabe.cz -    Marina Labe - Club Hotel Pistany (possible accommodation at hotel in Pistany)



tibetaanse-spaniel.nl -    Pul-i-Khumri kennel (breeders of our Norbu)
www.chatanga.bestinshow.pl -    Chatanga kennel (breeder of our Lentaaorava)
modrapisnicka.sweb.cz -    Modra pisnicka kennel (breeder of our Rangpo)
www.brillpadme.hu -    Brill Padme kennel (owner of Perfact Lady, Nausi and Xanto Perla mahagon)
www.bohemianbybirth.com -    Bohemian by Birth kennel (owner of Vulcanus and Fatuma Perla mahagon)
www.indyk.ic.cz -    Indyk kennel (owner of Herakles and Quitin Perla mahagon)
www.tibetspaniel.net -    Majesty Dog kennel (owner of Neptun, Niké and Rhea Ilia Perla mahagon)
www.zesovizahrady.ic.cz -    Ze sovi zahrady kennel (owner of Glaukippe Perla mahagon)
www.duhovykaminek.ic.cz -    Duhovy kaminek kennel (owner of Metis and Faunus Perla mahagon)
www.ankiro.net -    An-Ki-Ro kennel (owner of Faenna Perla mahagon)
www.bullyroyal.tym.sk -    Bully Royal Club kennel (owner of Lethe Perla mahagon)
www.odelisky.ic.cz -    Od Elisky kennel (owner of Elektra Perla mahagon)
www.hyrkanos.com -    Hyrkanos kennel (owners of Yantanee Perla mahagon)
www.austerlitz-moravia.ic.cz -    Austerlitz Moravia kennel (owners of Wirgo Perla mahagon)
www.kalaratna.cz -    Kala Ratna kennel (owners of Yanthe Perla mahagon)
www.tibetskyspaniel.com -    Lotosový kvet Tibetu kennel (owners Amor Perla mahagon)
www.bagmeddom.com -    Bagmed Dom kennel (owners of Falas Perla mahagon)
sweb.cz/zezamku/stanice -    z Roztockeho zamku kennel (owner of Artemis Perla mahagon)
www.chovatelstanice.wz.cz -    Od pramenu Dyje kennel (owners of Nereus Perla mahagon)
www.almatadema.cz -    Alma-Tadema kennel (owner of Tyche and Dirke Perla mahagon)
www.kennels.cz/kvitektibetu -    Kvitek Tibetu kennel (owner of Gratianus Perla mahagon)
www.bordercollie-ji.cz -    Border Collie & Tibetan Spaniel (owner of Vesper Perla mahagon)
www.kezur.cz -    Kezur kennel (owner of Kador and Tabea Perla mahagon)
www.tibetan-spaniel.cz -   Flos Bellidis kennel (owners of Romance Perla mahagon)
www.camess.estranky.cz -    owners of Camess Perla mahagon
www.slunceztibetu.cz -    owners of Pascha Perla mahagon
www.tibeter.info/tibetspaniel -    Lha Gyalo kennel (owner of Lha Gyalo Chug-Po - father of F2 litter Perla mahagon)
www.zlatyklondike.info -    Zlaty Klondike kennel (owner of Yotisha´s X-Man - father of H2 litter Perla mahagon and Jannock´s Vasuki - grandad our Rangpo)



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